Academics at Venta are centered on our belief that every student’s learning potential must be identified, unlocked, and maximized. It is for this reason that each applicant is submitted to a full battery of educational tests prior to admission. Our student teacher ratio and small class sizes allow for individualised instruction. Enlightened by the data obtained in the pre-admission assessment, individual programmes and approaches are intentionally designed for a variety of learning stylesThe traditional classroom cannot meet the varying needs of a wide-range of learning styles and therefore, in many academic settings, students who require extra support or additional challenge suffer. Venta is designed to guide each student to the level of academic success that he or she is capable of achieving and, in the process, give them the strategies to excel in secondary school and beyond.

At Venta we are committed to teaching students to learn how to learn. While most schools simply assume that students will somehow pick up note-taking and research for example, we recognize that such a laissez-faire approach can lead to long-term problems. At Venta we teach our students how to take notes, how to read a text, how to study, and how to research. Skills learned in the classroom are applied in a supervised study hall at the end of each day.

At Venta, our primary academic goal is to graduate students who have self-knowledge and self-acceptance and the skills required to move forward with confidence into a world of life-long learning.


Venta's programme follows the guidlines of the Ontario Ministry of Education. As well starting in September 2017 we will be integrating the Cambridge Primary Programme for Years 1-9 for the core subjects of English, Mathematics and Science. Social Studies,French.Music, Art and Physical Education will follow the guidlinesof the Ontario Ministry of Education;. Years 1-9 cover Kindergarten to Grade 8 in the North American system. The Grades 9 and 10 programmes will follow the requirements of the Ontario Ministry of Education leading to the OSSD High School Graduation Diploma.

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