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2017-2018 Fee-Schedule

Admissions Process for Prospective Students

Step 1 – Visit Venta

Book your Venta School tour at any time during the admissions process by contacting the admissions office.

Step 2 – Complete Application Forms

You are requested to complete Venta’s on-line application form and to bring the documents listed below to the school, at the time of your visit. You can access the on-line application form by clicking here. It is imperative that you read the fee schedule. By clicking on the electronic signature, you are agreeing to all cancellation, dismissal and withdrawal policies as outlined in the document entitled Fee Schedule, on the Venta Preparatory School website. Click on the link below to review all terms and conditions before completing application.

FINAL2016-2017 Fee Schedule for website

Additional Application Requirements:

Copies of report cards from the last three years for each child.
A copy of any educational assessments that may have been administered in the past, for each child you are enrolling.
A non-refundable application fee of $150.

Step 3 – Intake Interview

Parents of applicants will be contacted to schedule an intake interview with the principal.

Step 4 – Educational Assessment

Prior to being admitted to Venta, your child will undergo a full educational assessment, which will be administered at the school.

This assessment allows the school to create a completely personalized learning profile for each child. It identifies your child’s personality dynamics, learning style and level of school performance. Many of our students are performing one or two grades above their grade level in specific subjects and our programme has the flexibility to accommodate them.

The educational assessments will be carried out on Campus and is followed up with a feedback session, where the results will be discussed with parents.

Once we have received all application information and documentation, the application fee, and once the intake interview and assessments have been completed, we will notify the applicant’s parents of their child’s acceptance.

If you have any questions about this process, please contact the admissions office at 613-839-2175 x240 of by e-mail at info@ventaprep.com.