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Venta: Home to Students From Around the World

Venta Preparatory School is a Junior Kindergarten to Grade 10 boarding school, where students from all over the world acquire a love for learning through an individualized and interactive academic programme. Venta is located on 50 acres set in the Ottawa Capital Region, providing a pristine setting for outdoor activities, sports, arts, and community life.

world-mapOur students come to Venta from countries such as the United States, England, Mexico, Bermuda, Hong Kong and China. Only 25 minutes away from the city center, there is ample opportunity to learn about and experience Canada’s rich cultural heritage through museum visits, cultural events and community activities.

Venta also provides individual English as a Second Language instruction. All Venta ESL tutors are certified teachers. Please view the downloadable pdf document above for more information about our ESL programme.

Admissions Process For International Students:

Step 1 – Visit Venta

We recommend that parents and applying students visit the school prior to admission. However, we recognize that this may not be possible in all circumstances. You can book your Venta School tour by contacting the Admissions Office.

Step 2 – Complete Application Forms

Complete our Online Application forms. If you require any assistance with the application please contact info@ventaprep.com.

Required Application Documentation: (All documentation should be submitted prior to your visit and intake interview.)

  • All sections of the Online Application Form must be completed.
  • Copies of report cards from the last two years for each child.
  • A copy of any past psycho-educational assessments that may have been administered in the past, for each child you are enrolling.
  • A non-refundable application fee of $CAD 150, payable by credit card or money transfer.
  • Non-English speaking students, must complete the iTEP SLATE test.

Step 3 – Intake Interview

The Admissions Office will contact parents of applicants to schedule an intake interview with the Principal. If it is not possible to visit the school for the intake interview, we can arrange to conduct the interview over the phone or via video chat using Skype.

Once we have received all application information, all required documentation and the application fee, and once the intake interview and assessments have been completed, we will notify the applicant’s parents of their child’s acceptance.

Step 4 – Study Permit

Any student who is not a Canadian citizen, but is studying in Canada is required to have a study permit. This permit is obtained through the nearest Canadian Visa Office from your home country. Once accepted, the Admissions Office at Venta will work very closely with all parents to ensure that your study permit application is properly prepared to prevent unnecessary delays. For information on how to apply for the Canadian Study Permit click here.

Would you like to speak to the Venta Admissions Manager via Skype? Please contact the Admissions Office at info@ventaprep.com or 613-839-2175 x240 to book an appointment.