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Music is a required component in the Venta curriculum due to the proven academic, social, and personal benefits that it provides.

Although music is often considered to be not on the same level as other academic subjects, it is not being treated as such at Venta. We consider Music to be a part of the core curriculum. The Music programme at Venta starts in Junior Kindergarten with the Orff and Kodály methods of tonal and rhythmic training.

The Orff approach is a way of introducing and teaching children about music on a level that they can easily comprehend.

Musical concepts are learned through singing, dance, movement, and the playing of percussion instruments. Improvisation, composition and a child's natural sense of play are encouraged.

This approach to music education was developed by Carl Orff, a German composer, conductor and educator. His ideas were based on his belief in the importance of rhythm and movement.

The Kodály Method is a comprehensive programme to train basic musical skills and teach the reading and writing of music. The key concept is that children should first learn to love music as human sound and as an experience that enriches life. The voice is the most natural instrument and one which every person possesses. Kodály called singing “the essence” of this concept.

Kodály believed that singing is a powerful means of musical expression and that what we produce by ourselves is better learned and leads to a stronger feeling of success and accomplishment.

It is in the child’s best interest to understand the basics of reading music before beginning the difficult task of learning the technique of an instrument.

Solfège is the best tool for developing the inner ear. It is an invaluable aid in building all musical skills:

  • Sight singing
  • Dictation
  • Ear training
  • Part hearing
  • Hearing and singing harmony
  • Perceiving form
  • Developing memory

Once the students reach Grade 7 they choose an instrument and begin playing in the Junior band.

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