2013 Old Carp Road Ottawa, Ontario K0A 1L0
T 613.839.2175
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Staff Telephone and E-Mail Directory

Please dial (613) 839-2175 and when prompted dial the appropriate extension.

Staff Extension E-mail
Elizabeth Barnes – Admissions 240 info@ventaprep.com / ebarnes@ventaprep.com
Anita Hopper – Language Lab Coordinator 311 ahopper@ventaprep.com
Sean Hopper – Director of Operations / Dean of Students 225 shopper@ventaprep.com
Marilyn Mansfield – Principal 243 mmansfield@ventaprep.com
Shaun Quinn – Director of Studies 224 squinn@ventaprep.com
Linda Zabel – Main Office 221 lzabel@ventaprep.com
Dormitory Supervisor 238 bbarnes@ventaprep.com
Sarah Keogan – Music Room 236 skeogan@ventaprep.com
Dr. Agatha Sidlauskas 229 asidlauskas@ventaprep.com
Chrysane Ngo 248 cngo@ventaprep.com
Jen Thorvaldsen  313  jthorvaldsen@ventaprep.com
Art Studio  222
Kitchen 228

The following staff members have a voice mailbox only. You can leave a message by entering their extension number when prompted by the voice mail system.

Staff Extension E-mail
Katherine Bennett 303 kbennett@ventaprep.com
Malcolm Loyst 315 mloyst@ventaprep.com
AJ Seal 230 aseal@ventaprep.com
Esther Bernard  304 ebernard@ventaprep.com
Alanna Gilmour  316  agilmour@ventaprep.com
Gillian Mattock 312 gmattock@ventaprep.com
Amanda McKenzie  234 amckenzie@ventaprep.com
Julie Kelly  301  jkelly@ventaprep.com
Emily Mosher 305 emosher@ventaprep.com
Kaija Savinainen-Mountain  232 kaijasm@ventaprep.com
Misha Costescu 314 mcostescu@ventaprep.com
Sarah Scissons  301 sscissons@ventaprep.com
Zachary MacNeill  317 zmacneill@ventaprep.com
Dana Ciresianu  309 dciresianu@ventaprep.com
Rim Al-Safi 304  ralsafi@ventaprep.com 

The student telephone is located in the reception area and is available to boarding students on Wednesday evenings and weekends. If you would like to speak to a boarding student, please leave a message with Benjamin Barnes at ext 238.