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We are pleased to announce that our senior students have the opportunity to participate in the Duke of Edinburgh Award programme.

Community Service – providing a minimum of 15 hours (for the Bronze level) volunteer service above and beyond the 40 hours required by the Ministry of Education

Personal Skills Development – The students must develop a personal interest, social or practical skill. They have to apply themselves to this skill for a minimum of 6 months. Some examples are: music, computers, graphic arts, life skills, model building etc. (May not be a physical activity)

Physical Fitness – The student must take part in at least 30 hours of physical activities (over a 6 month period) above and beyond Venta’s daily Physical Edudation programme. (For example, they may join a team activity or learn a new sport.)

Adventurous Journey – The students will participate in a wilderness or adventure experience with a minimum duration of two days, including one night of camping and six hours of activity a day.

The introduction of the Duke of Edinburgh Award was a great addition to the VPS programme as the students now have the opportunity to complete both the bronze and the silver awards before graduating from the school. Completion of any level is well regarded by both universities and employers.