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Building School Spirit Through Intramural Activities

Mr. Aaron McDonald, one of our teachers, founded the intramural programme in 1998, to foster school spirit and a sense of belonging through friendly competition.

Each staff member and student belongs to one of four Houses, named after four former students: Andrew Tanchuk, Arthur Taylor, Martin Eggen and Michael Taylor. Each House is identified by its own colours and mascot:

Andrew House – white and black
Arthur House – red and gold
Martin House – white and navy blue
Michael House – yellow and maroon

Each House accumulates points by competing in hockey, frisbee, soccer and chess tournaments. They also participate in events to raise funds for the school and other charitable organizations. Our students learn leadership, team spirit, cooperation and social responsibility through participating in all the house activities organized during the school year.

Our House members obtain points by:

Wearing the proper uniform – If every member of a House wears the proper uniform on an intramural day, the house will be awarded 5 points.

Winning games – Each time a House wins they are awarded 5 points. Each tie counts for 3 points and each loss counts for 1 point.

House Spirit – If a House exhibits excellent sportsmanship and team spirit, the House earns 5 points.