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Welcome to the Venta Parent Fundraising Committee’s web page!

Please visit often to see what events are being organized by the Committee.

The Parent Committee is in its ninth year of operation and our main goal is to enhance student life and provide educational tools for all grade levels.

This year, the VPS Parent Committee is raising funds for a school face-lift and sporting equipment.

Current Parent Committee Members

Co-Chair – Janice Titus
Treasurer – Darlene Visneskie
Haans Baader, Kevin and Louise Browne, Lee-Anne Clare, Peter and Gillian Hauderowicz, Aleksandra Hoddinott, Christianne MacIntyre, Karen McArthur, Helena Wong

School Liaison – Shaun Quinn (Director of Studies)

Please join us!

The VPS Parent Committee is constantly looking for new volunteers and fundraising ideas! Ideas or donations are welcome at any time! If you are interested in learning more about the Committee or are just interested in our current projects, you are welcome to attend the next meeting.

The VPS Parent Committee