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Frequently Asked Questions about Venta Preparatory School

Feel free to contact our Admissions Office if you have any other questions or concerns.

Do we need to wear school uniforms?

Yes, academic and athletic uniforms are part of our school culture and help promote a proud and confident outlook for everyone at Venta. Uniforms are purchased directly through our supplier, Top Marks.

Will I compete against other schools or teams?

Yes, prep teams have regular games and tournaments throughout the school year. We participate in inter school matches between other private schools in Ottawa.

Are meals provided at Venta or do I need to bring my own lunch?

Venta provides a full meal plan as part of its tuition program. The meal plan includes at least two snacks per day plus a full healthy lunch prepared by Venta’s own chef.

If I stay in residence, what activities are available during the evenings and weekends?

Your house supervisor will help you plan regular individual and group activities such as going to the movies, bowling, golfing, and shopping. Ottawa is a great place for entertainment, and your house supervisor will ensure that your stay with Venta is an enjoyable one.

What academic courses do you offer?

Our accredited teachers are certified to offer all of the standard Ontario curriculum. Our Director of Studies will review your academic record and help you plan an academic path for secondary and post-secondary success.

What are the academic expectations at Venta?

Venta students are expected to maintain the highest possible academic standards through dedication to personal excellence. Small class sizes and a dedicated staff will help you reach your academic and personal potential regardless of your current level of achievement.