Student Support

Student Learning Support

In keeping with the guiding principles of Venta our student learning support model ensures that each student is provided with the opportunity to achieve his or her full potential. All students receive ongoing support for learning through observations, testing, class discussions, as well as teachers’ differentiated instructional and assessment practices. This differentiation enables teachers to support students who are having difficulty with some areas of learning as well as other students who need further enrichment in their learning. Identified students may need frequent or continual support both in and beyond the classroom for the ways in which they learn and/or demonstrate their learning. To assist students the school provides a variety of learning support within and outside of the classroom.

We work collaboratively and supportively with students, parents, teachers, and outside specialists to implement appropriate strategies and tools required to facilitate each student’s learning differentiated support model both in and out of the classroom.

Whether formally identified as a gifted student, or a student with a specific learning need or one who requires assistance with organization, time management, or test taking strategies, our teachers are committed to helping students understand how they learn best and apply specific strategies and tools to realize their full potential.

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