The Venta Experience

At Venta Preparatory School we firmly believe that the junior and elementary years are key to a young person’s future. They are a time for establishing lifelong patterns of learning and a passion for exploration and discovery. In the Junior School, every day is an adventure through which children can find joy in learning and the joy of living. This is central to our philosophy at Venta.

Set in 50 acres of spacious lawns and woodland, our school provides the perfect backdrop for an adventure in learning. From Junior Kindergarten to Grade 10, our students  discover the awe and wonder of learning in this beautiful setting. Of course, they learn numeracy, literacy, science, the humanities, music, art, drama, sport and French, but there is so much more to education at Venta. Our children also have the space and freedom to run around and explore in a safe environment, opportunities to push the boundaries and challenge themselves and a chance to shine and be rewarded for achievement.

Children at Venta learn how to respect and care for others through initiatives both within school and externally. Importantly, parents are welcomed and encouraged to participate – our door is always open.

Enjoyment is key to a pupil’s individual success in physical activity as it naturally increases motivation and encourages maximum participation.

Through the simple philosophy of enjoyment, our Sports programme encourages all pupils to reach their optimum level throughout their physically active life at Venta and beyond.

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