Principal's Welcome

In my first meetings with prospective parents I often ask them if they could wave a magic wand what would be the perfect school for their child. They almost always say that they are looking for a place with a good academic programme, a lot of outdoor activity and a focus on the arts but primarily a place where their child would be ‘seen as an individual’. 

This—and so much more—is Venta Preparatory School. Here, you will find teachers dining family-style with students each day, chatting about Shakespeare or a science experiment over freshly made food. Here, you will witness skilled, engaging instruction by dedicated, expert, long-serving staff members. You will discover students immersed in the visual arts, drama, athletics, and music every day in each grade level. You will see genuine care and modeling by the older students toward the younger. Most importantly, you will know that at Venta we care deeply about who our children are on the inside—how they develop character, wonder, and love of learning and the world. 

If you ask anyone connected with the Venta community, past or present, to describe the school, the response will most likely be that we are “a family.” We develop genuinely close relationships and through them, our teachers come to know each student’s strengths, hopes, dreams, and goals. Above all, our students learn the importance of community, caring, kindness, and helping others, while also receiving a top-rate education in traditional academic subjects. This truly holistic approach to education is what makes Venta special.

From the moment you set foot on campus, you will find the community I describe here, in the smiles and welcomes of our students, in the artwork hanging on the walls, in the sound of the band practicing in the music room, and in the laughter you hear from the junior schoolers building forts in our woods.

But words can only portray so much.  Please call and arrange for a visit. Venta is unique and must be experienced to be appreciated. 

Marilyn C. Mansfield, 

2013 Old Carp Road Ottawa, Ontario K0A 1L0
(613) 839 2175
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