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At Venta, we tailor the delivery of the curriculum to suit each individual child, in a safe and happy learning environment.

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A Venta education includes:

Maximum Class Size of 12 – Only in small classes and with teachers who know each child’s needs, can every student feel secure and develop his/her potential to the fullest.

Individual Attention – Venta teachers give your child the attention he or she needs. Individualized programmes are based on psycho-educational testing that each child undergoes and their current level of performance in each subject. Many of our students are performing one or two grades above their grade level in specific subjects and our programme has the flexibility to accommodate them.

A High Level of Performance Monitoring – Only with guidance and encouragement can a child strive for excellence. Teachers and staff meet regularly and continually monitor student progress.

Supervised Homework Periods – Teachers supervise a daily homework period for all students in Grades 1 – 7. Homework is done at school from 4:00 – 5:00 pm, Mondays to Thursdays. This allows students to discuss homework questions with their teachers and in a group setting with other students.

Daily Physical Education – All students participate in outdoor physical education. The programme includes activities such as: soccer, basketball, rink sports, track and field and much more!

Mandatory Music and Art – Music and art are required courses for all students in all grades. Children are introduced to musical concepts through the Orff and Kodály Methods, integrating many of the best principles and techniques in music education. Students explore art through a variety of techniques, mediums and art history.

Flexible Before and After School Care – We know that many parents have busy schedules, which we can accommodate with a high level of flexibility. We offer early drop-off, breakfast, late pick-up, dinner and occasional boarding.

Hot Meals – Every child is provided with a daily hot lunch and snacks which are included in the school fees. In addition, hot breakfasts and dinners are available for full-time and occasional boarders. All menus are carefully planned and offer flexibility for special dietary needs.

Boarding – Venta Preparatory School offers the option of a full-time or five-day boarding programme. Parents may also take advantage of occasional boarding on an as-needed basis. Our boarding programme is designed to provide a caring environment with structure and consistency.

Parents concerned with the quality of their child’s education expect more, and come to Venta to find it!