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Whether joining us from Canada or from around the world,
Venta can be your child’s home away from home.

Set in the countryside of the Ottawa Capital Region, Venta is the only co-ed day and boarding school in Canada that accommodates students from Junior Kindergarten up to and including Grade 10. Venta offers both seven day and weekday boarding.

Our boarding programme is designed to provide a caring environment with structure and consistency. Students in residence at Venta have the opportunity to develop close relationships with their peers as well as with the teachers and staff. Knowing every name within the school community fosters a sense of togetherness and security. Living in residence teaches children and young adolescents how to be responsible and independent in a very safe and nurturing environment. Our boarding students are accountable for their behaviour, their belongings, their assignments and the use of their time. It is the preparation of a lifetime for higher education and independent living.

Parents of day students, who may have to travel for work, or may require occasional boarding for their child, can take advantage of our flexible boarding programme.

Prospective boarding students are strongly encouraged to submit their applications by mid-February, in order to be given priority consideration, as the number of boarding spots are limited.