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Welcome to the Venta Preparatory School website!

Established in 1981 the School is focussed on providing a programme suited to the individual needs of its students. All applicants are submitted to a full cognitive and educational assessment prior to admission, which allows us to create a programme tailored to the individual needs of the students. Enrichment, when required, is provided in the regular classroom. Assistance is tailored to the student’s need when necessary.

At Venta we believe in educating the child, not simply delivering the curriculum. To teach a child the staff must establish a positive personal connection with each student. This can only happen in small classrooms where the teachers have the chance to know each student as an individual.

Our mission is to create and continually enhance an environment where every individual student can grow to achieve the full potential of their unique personality, while achieving their highest intellectual potential.

We believe that the arts are necessary for intellectual development and that sports are necessary for physical and social well-being. All of our students receive instruction in physical education and some form of arts, which of course includes music, throughout the programme.

Our small residence, which can accommodate children as young as five years, is structured to emulate family life. We are the only boarding school in Canada that accepts primary and elementary aged children, both boys and girls. The boarders are supervised at all times by full-time house parents who provide structure and consistency seven days a week.

Our supportive and close-knit community of students, parents, alumni, staff and friends makes the school a truly special place. We encourage you to explore our website and learn more about Venta Preparatory School. We would love to hear from you and invite you to visit.

Marilyn C. Mansfield, M.Ed.