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Venta’s Vision

To create and continuously enhance an environment where every individual student can grow to achieve the full potential of their unique personality while achieving their highest intellectual potential.

Venta’s Values


Excellence – We believe in continually striving to do our very best at all times. We achieve excellence by continually raising each student’s personal standards, rather than through competition.

Personal Growth – We believe in our students’ personal growth. We first must learn to honestly and humbly evaluate our own attitudes and behaviours in order to be tolerant and appreciative of others.

Potential – Every child has great potential. The measure of the person is based on their development of character, compassion and perseverance rather than their social status.

Goodness – We all deeply want to be good people. Our behaviour is only an external sign of our life experience and we are committed to learn behaviours that serve us well.

Understanding – We seek first to understand each other. We do not judge others before we have walked in their shoes.